In addition to our broad range of destructive testing capabilities, Structural Composites offers economical non-destructive field testing for composite structures and components. Our data collection equipment can be mounted to hulls, decks, bulkheads, and any attached component or structure, such as engine mounts. Critical response data, including acceleration, stress, strain, natural frequency response, and g-loads, are obtained through field trials using custom-designed test programs and data collection/reduction routines. Specific client needs are easily and affordably accommodated through made-to-order test programs.  

​​Our engineering staff is able to complete design analysis, FEA reports, and validation through sample testing. Specializing in static, buckling, and linear analysis, we will work with our lab team to provide the reports required to bring your project to fruition.  
Research & Development
Our manufacturing experience in the marine, military, transportation, and theme parks industries has equipped our team with an array of knowledge they are ready to apply to your project, no matter how big or small. 
Structural Composites, Inc. holds over a dozen intellectual property patents and many more non-patented processes that allow us to advance the industry with our innovative research and development programs.  Our technologies can be applied to a variety of fields creating a more durable product at a fraction of the cost. Find out if our patented processes can work for you. 

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