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Certified Composite Boat Builder with ABYC (American Boat & Yacht Council)
Composite Shipwright with U.S. Navy
MACM-I (Marine Applications for Composite Materials)


CoCured gel coats, elastomeric coatings, structural layers, and in-mold processes for their use - US 20140199551 A1
Composite structural panel and method of fabrication - CA 2963475 A1
Structural framing members with integrated flow channels and method of making same  - US 20030148090 A1
Conformable composite structural member and method therefor - US 20020178992 A1
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    2012 Congressional Medal of Merit Innovative Technology Award
    2009 IBEX Innovation Award
    2010 IBEX Innovation Award
    2014 Alan J. Freedman Memorial Leadership Award  (NMMA)