CoCure Resins & Coatings

Flexible Gel Coat


CoCure Coatings can provide the automotive quality finish while having strain to failure qualities that match or exceed the underlaying structural composite layers. The trucking industry is investing in weight reduction technology to improve over the road performance and more cost-effective materials to meet a cost-conscious customer market. 

Resin Costs

Lower CoCure resin costs allow major components of modern trucks to be replaced by composite. From new truck floors replacing expensive aluminum, to fully composite reefer bodies that provide 25% - 35% greater thermal efficiencies and 20% - 30% lower weights. CoCure structural resins reduce the cost of the new bridge composite deck construction for inland overpasses to compete with 10-year maintenance costs for traditional decks, then continue to provide service for another 30 years. 

Typical Gel Coat Cracking

The limiting factor in composites expanding into major transportation industries has cost. Composites compete favorably in weight and longevity compared to isotropic materials like aluminum. Leveraging Navy SBIR efforts, Structural Composites has invented a break-through coating and structural resin technology. 

CoCure Technology

CoCure coatings have improved toughness and flexibility. Testing has shown 25% greater allowable stress and superior bonds particularly in continuous submergence. 

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Military Applications

A military version of both CoCure gel coat and structural resin technology has been fielded in 2016. Production volumes are targeted for 2018. Our CoCure technology combined with advanced new fibers enables a new generation of ultra-tough composites that can better withstand shock and impact and are more resistant to damage. 
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